Mongol Philosophy

Mongols and Marmots: A Happy Symbiosis
Mongols and Marmots: A Happy Symbiosis

I used to have a problem with bureaucracy. However, now I am over that.

When you run companies you need dedicated clever folk to keep you: solvent; legal and fully operational. The problem arises when you put those people with boundless bureaucratic ambition in charge of those with ideas.

The result of that is foreseeable: it is Crime and Punishment.

The only things that will happen will be those things which found a way around whatever rules were designed to keep the people with ideas from actually doing anything.

Regulation is necessary but Over-Regulation encourages the wrong kind of creativity.

It is much better to have the folks with ideas in charge of the bureaucrats. That makes the bureaucrats work hard and grow their ambition to have ideas. Whenever the ideas pay off and your business expands you can always hire more bureaucrats.

This is a bet things will go wrong eventually and is thus an example of prudent planning. When things do go wrong, as they surely will some day, then the bureaucrats will certainly help fix things. Furthermore, If things go really really wrong then you will have plenty of folks who are surplus to future requirements.

This is the Mongols and Marmots Theory of Society.

I will admit it is a tad simplistic, but I can’t handle complicated ideas – they make my head hurt.

You need Crazy Mongols with big expansive ideas to take over the world but you also need Cuddly Marmots to carry the plague and keep the population of crazy ideas in check. Otherwise, the world is just one big disaster waiting to happen.

When you think of things this way society makes some degree of sense.

Let the Marmots go forth and multiply…

They are pretty cute, actually – but they also taste mighty good.

If things go really really bad one can always Eat Marmot.

Moral of the Tale: Just don’t be the last person to contribute an idea.

The Minianthropic Principle

Despicable-Me-2-Evil-Minion-AnimationThe Universe is Exquisitely Finely Tuned for Comedy

We introduce the Minianthropic Principle in response to this post from Robert Tucci:

The Seth Lloyd Quantum Computing Show

There he highlights some of the more foolish moments in the Grand Game of Quantum Confusion. When you read the Bullshit published by big names in Quantum Computing today you realize it is high time we replaced the Theories of Everything, Anything and Nothing with a Predictive Theory of Divine Comedy.

To Whit: We present The Minianthropic Principle, which asserts that:

The Universe is Exquisitely Finely Tuned for Comedy

Prepare for the truth people…

The Universe is really a holographic projection screened for the entertainment of Minions at the Gru Googleplex. Anything bad that happens in this world is really a Cosmic Joke carefully crafted for Minion pleasure.

In the comfort of the Gru Googleplex, Minions dine on Calaubi-Yau Cupcakes and throw cosmic raisins at the Silver M-brane. Anywhere a cosmic raisin strikes the silver M-brane there pops into being a new Universe.

It is the Truth… You Know it Makes Sense.

There is a Book coming… In the Pipe 555.