The Århus Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

Høj Snegl - A truly Tasty Pastry
The Høj Snegl

I am often struck by the Unreasonable Reality of a Truly Tasty Pastry. Try as I might, I cannot deny the imperative behind any such observation. I simply must eat it! Hence I am led to ponder this burning question:

Would Quantum Mechanics look different if Niels Bohr was born in Århus?

Niels Bohr had the misfortune to be born in that other Danish town: København. He probably had only minimal exposure to that most perfect of breakfast pastries: the Høj Snegl. Of course, you probably ate most every kind of danish pastry – except this one – which is a Jydsk specialty! Man, did you miss out. You really want to emigrate now. Poor Niels was stuck in that pastry desert: Copenhagen. No wonder he became despondent and confused about the nature of physical reality.

You have to appreciate that the Danes take their Weinerbrød seriously:

perhaps more so, than the French, Austrians or Turks.

Hell, the Danes invented Valhalla to better enjoy pastry.

You don’t want that experience to ever end…

The so-called High Snail is a specialty of Jydske Pattiserie, notably from Århus. You don’t get them in Sjaelland. This alone is a good reason to go to Århus. You won’t find a surer route to pure pastry bliss. Lashings of rich buttery pastry, standing high as a volcanic rampart to protect the ultimate prize within: a great caldera of marzipan beneath a towering dome of chocolate.

I defy anybody to withstand the charms of a fully loaded Høj Snegl!

Once you have eaten one, there is no doubting the existence of objective reality.