The Minianthropic Principle

Despicable-Me-2-Evil-Minion-AnimationThe Universe is Exquisitely Finely Tuned for Comedy

We introduce the Minianthropic Principle in response to this post from Robert Tucci:

The Seth Lloyd Quantum Computing Show

There he highlights some of the more foolish moments in the Grand Game of Quantum Confusion. When you read the Bullshit published by big names in Quantum Computing today you realize it is high time we replaced the Theories of Everything, Anything and Nothing with a Predictive Theory of Divine Comedy.

To Whit: We present The Minianthropic Principle, which asserts that:

The Universe is Exquisitely Finely Tuned for Comedy

Prepare for the truth people…

The Universe is really a holographic projection screened for the entertainment of Minions at the Gru Googleplex. Anything bad that happens in this world is really a Cosmic Joke carefully crafted for Minion pleasure.

In the comfort of the Gru Googleplex, Minions dine on Calaubi-Yau Cupcakes and throw cosmic raisins at the Silver M-brane. Anywhere a cosmic raisin strikes the silver M-brane there pops into being a new Universe.

It is the Truth… You Know it Makes Sense.

There is a Book coming… In the Pipe 555.